Malik Muhammad Uzair Khan, MD

Resident Physician,
Internal Medicine Philadelphia, PA, USA

Shalamar played a focal role in my medical career, from my first day as a medical student to the last day of my demonstrator-ship in the Department of Anatomy, I felt wholly supported by my institute. I had a sense of belonging that still exists and will continue to only get stronger with passing years. One day I hope I can give back to my Alma Mater on a scale worthy of its merit. Since 2020, I have also had the honor of being the President of the Shalamarians’ Alumni Association. I have been working closely with many of our graduates currently residing in the US, UK, and Pakistan, to create a social network of our alumni to better facilitate our juniors in their future endeavors. Currently, I am working as a Resident Physician in Internal Medicine in Philadelphia, PA, USA. I owe all my success to The Almighty, to my amazing wife, my wonderful family, and my institute which lies at the foundation of it all. My future plans include initiating and implementing primary prevention strategies and programs in Pakistan so that we can identify and manage risk factors before they have an impact large enough to cause significant diseases. Shalamar will continue to hold a special place in my heart, and God willing; I will continue to do my part to elevate its repute throughout the world.