Clinical/Research Electives for Undergraduate Medical Students

For Overseas & Pakistani Students

Application for Clinical Elective/Research Training (Download)

Note: Clinical / Research Electives form should be typed. Clear scanned copy of the form along with the required documents shall be entertained. Hand written form and images taken using a camera scanner may also not be accepted.


SMDC provides Research and Clinical Training to undergraduate medical students in all the basic sciences and clinical departments.  

Students from Local and International Medical colleges and universities can apply for Research/Clinical Elective Rotation at Shalamar Medical & Dental College. They should be enrolled in medical school for research electives and be in the clinical years of medical studies for clinical electives.

In order to facilitate these students the following Clinical Elective Training Policy is in place.

Duration of Elective Clinical Training

4 weeks 

Training at Shalamar Medical & Dental College & Shalamar Hospital                       (4 weeks) 



SMDC is ranked amongst the top medical colleges in the country. It is a constituent unit of Shalamar Institute of Health Sciences. 

The project of Shalamar Medical &Dental College was completed in 2009 as a third project of Businessmen Hospital Trust, and formally opened for academic session 2009-10 with the induction of first batch of freshmen.

 For nearly a decade now, SMDC has excelled not only in teaching the practice of medicine but also in bringing out the best in those who practice it and strives to sustain its mission of education, research, and clinical care.

SMDC prepares students to stand out in the rapidly changing scene of modern medicine. The educational structure is modular based and includes strategies like problem based learning (PBL), small group discussions (SGD) and interactive learning. SMDC continues to lay down standards of excellence in medical education in Pakistan. This is further supported by highly qualified, experienced faculty members and educational aids like open Wi-Fi, a well equipped skills lab and a learning resource centre to facilitate the students and staff in their academic and research endeavors in a purpose-built centrally air-conditioned campus.

The college is one the few medical colleges with an on campus dedicated teaching hospital for hands on clinical training of the students. From a student body of 100 during the very first year of induction, enrollment has grown to 150 students per year.

It is affiliated with the University of Health Sciences (UHS), Lahore, Punjab and is recognized by

Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC). The College is listed in the directory of Medical Schools of World Health Organization (WHO). To date more than 990 students have accomplished the dream of becoming doctors & specialists. 

 It is recognized by College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP) for postgraduate training in multiple disciplines. Presently more than 100 post graduates are being trained in various specialties. The outstanding feature of the college is brilliance of its teaching faculty who are talented, committed successful educationists. In addition to Shalamar Hospital a 225 bedded Fauji Foundation Hospital is also attached for clinical training.

Mission Statement:

Shalamar Medical & Dental College aims to equip medical students and health-care professionals from diverse backgrounds in order to meet the primary needs of the region and nation. It also aims to train the selected young men and women with quality medical education having the highest moral and ethical standards that are necessary in disciplined health professionals. The mission will be achieved through commitment to the values of quality, excellence, compassion, integrity and moral responsibility.



Conscious of their obligations to the society of which they were a product and the blessings received by them, a few noble and God-fearing businessmen got together and conceived a composite medical complex to share their divine bounties with the ones not as privileged. The project was to comprise a 500 bedded charitable hospital; a nursing school to ensure availability of paramedics meeting international standards; a medical college to produce internationally recognized doctors and a befitting research centre. A trust by the name of the Businessmen Hospital Trust (BHT) was established for the purpose in year 1974. As a 1st project of Businessmen Hospital Trust, 100-bedded Shalamar Hospital was established which has now flourished to 500-bedded well-equipped & modern teaching hospital. To improve the quality of para-medics, a Nursing College was established in the year 2006 to offer education & training to students leading to a degree of B.Sc. (Nursing).   Post RN BSN 2-year Degree Programme, Post Basic Diploma in Critical Care Nursing 1-year Programme and Post Basic Diploma in Paediatrics 1-year Programme have also been started. Shalamar Nursing College is one of the very few institutions of its kind in the country. Shalamar School of Allied Health Sciences was established in 2015, to provide proficient health professionals to the community.

The School of Allied Health Sciences offers a variety of undergraduate programs; Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), Medical Lab Technology (MLT), Medical Imaging Technology (MIT), Optometry & Orthoptics (O&O) and Operation Theatre Technology (OTT). 

 Elective Program Overview


Language of instruction: English

Student should have completed at least two years of undergraduate medical studies for clinical electives (MBBS) and be enrolled in a medical school for research electives.

Every elective has clear learning objectives, instructional methodologies and evaluation system.


The college offers Clinical &Research Electives in the following departments:


  • Internal Medicine
  • General Surgery
  • Gynaecology & Obstetrics
  • Paediatrics
  • Cardiology
  • Radiology
  • Urology
  • Psychiatry& Behavioral Sciences
  • Ophthalmology
  • Otorhinolaryngology
  • Dermatology
  • Orthopaedics
  • Aneasthesia
  • Hashmat Effendi Burn and Plastic Surgery
  • Pathology
  • Forensic Medicine & Toxicology (Research only)
  • Pharmacology (Research only)
  • Community Health Sciences (Research only)
  • Anatomy (Research only)  Physiology (Research only)
  • Biochemistry (Research only).
  • Bioethics (Research only).
  • Sakina (begum) Institute of Diabetes and Endocrine Research (SIDER)

The elective training includes Out Patient Clinics, Bedside Teaching, Tutorials, Case discussions, and Group discussions.   


Medical Curriculum is followed as per the guidelines of Pakistan Medical &Dental Council and University of Health Sciences.

The course of MBBS is 5 years of teaching followed by 1 year compulsory rotatory Internship.


Duration:  4 weeks



Expenses for Travel, Insurance, living cost etc. are to be borne by the (Incoming student) applicant only.

The hostel fees for the students are as follows:


Girl’s Hostel

Room Charges (twin sharing)

As per applicable rates in PKR  




As per actual

Air Conditioning (per unit charges)

As per applicable rates in PKR  


Accommodation is available in the college hostels. Due fee that is applicable will have to be paid by the incoming student.

For further details please contact the Office of Student Affairs


Students from all over Pakistan and some parts of the world are inducted in Shalamar Medical &Dental College. It is expected that students adhere to a befitting dress code and follow the same while attending lectures/ library/ clinics and formal functions of the college. White lab coat is preferred while at work.

Climatically, Lahore has extremes of temperatures, heat and cold. One can expect temperature up to 43 ° C in May/June and heavy to moderate rains from July to August.

Generally Pakistani food is spicy, but gourmet food from all over the world is available.


All foreign students applying for electives at SMDC should apply for a ‘Student Visa’ to the Pakistan embassy/consulate that is valid for the period of their stay in Pakistan. You will have to apply for a Student Visa based on the confirmed elective offer letter issued by the Principal of SMDC, Lahore, Pakistan. 


The student on arrival will be briefed on the formalities that need to be completed for their comfortable stay. The details are available in the contact section.

Students are advised to arrive preferably 2 days before the commencement of the program. Accepted students will be informed of the exact date in the confirmed admission letter.


SMDC campus is a safe and secure place. Adequate security and campus policing services are available round the clock. Please note that SMDC is not responsible for the safety of the elective trainee outside the campus.


The institute does not provide any type of insurance to the incoming elective students.

The institute will issue Photo ID cards to the incoming trainees.


Health Insurance (optional)

The incoming student is expected to insure him/herself for health coverage during the period of stay at SMDC.



Required as per the requirements of international travel.


Application Documents

  • Completed application form, duly signed and dated
  • 4 passport sized photographs with white background on Mat Paper (taken within the last 6 months)
  • One copy of letter issued by the Medical College / University mentioning that student has successfully completed his / her two/ three/four years of Medical Study or is enrolled in the medical school (for research electives).
  • One copy of result of each Professional Examination or Medical School transcript.
  • One personal statement

Post Acceptance Documents

1.Proof of Health Insurance (Optional)

2.Proof of Immunizations and/or Health Procedures (Required))

Elective Coordinator

 General Manager-SMDC  

Elective Expenses:  

Traveling, boarding, and food expenses shall be borne by the student

Application / Selection & Record Keeping Process


Submission of Application Forms for applying for Clinical /Research Elective Training for desired no. of departments and period.


Compilation / processing of applicants’ data and forwarding to the Principal for approval.


Issuance of acceptance letter to prospective ‘elective student’

Orientation / Introduction to SMDC

Orientation and welcome session will be conducted for these students by the Student Affairs Office.

 Elective Clinical Rotation Planner

The program will be handed over to the students on first day of the rotation.

Hospital Program / Training Coordinator 

Senior Manager Student Affairs- SMDC will be the “Clinical Training Program Coordinator” who can link up different activities and facilities with students as and when required. He / she will be responsible for day-to-day clinical and administrative issues at SMDC.

Student/Trainee Personal File

Student Affairs Office will maintain personal file of each student.

Following records will be kept: 

1.Duly filled application form

  1. Photocopy of CNIC
  2. Photocopy of Passport (foreign students)
  3. All academic credentials of the student

5.Clinical Rotation Program

6.Attendance Record 

  1. Final Evaluation of the student by the department

8.Students’ feedback about the ‘elective experience. 

ID cards

ID cards will be issued to elective students for their Elective Training at SMDC.

Students shall wear this card at all times during their rotation in various departments at SMDC.

Remarks of the Head of Departments

After completion of each rotation HOD will give remarks about the performance of the students, which will be kept, in students’ file.

Correspondence with the Foreign Medical Colleges/ Universities

Correspondence with the Local/Foreign Medical Colleges/ Universities will be done through student affairs dept.

Office of Student Affairs

Shalamar Medical &Dental College,

Shalamar Link Road, Mughalpura Lahore-54840, Pakistan

Tel:  +9242-36817857 Ext: 311