Dr. Khadija Sajid

Resident Physician, Internal Medicine
Scranton, PA, USA

I often say to my friends and family, that SHMDC was chosen by my late father. I still remember that he picked up the SHMDC prospect when he got his first dialysis at Shalimar dialysis center. At that time, my focus was on his health, but he knew how much medicine meant to me. When I suddenly lost my grandfather at the age of 9 I couldn’t do anything about the abrupt emptiness in my life, nor that in my father’s. I had then decided to become a doctor so that I could help others from losing loved ones. However my father wasn’t well so I had kept my dream aside, waiting for him to get better hoping to fulfill my dream alongside him.

I remember the gleam of happiness and pride in my father’s eyes when I passed my MCAT. The year that I got enrolled in SHMDC and finally began my journey, was the same year that I learned that my father’s condition was worsening quickly due to CKD secondary to his diabetes. Every day, I could see the sparkle in his eyes growing fainter. SHMDC was my escape; the immense knowledge of the human body and its many workings engulfed me. I would study the many intricacies of the human body for hours in the library. Life was ruthless when it took away my father during my 1st year in med school, but it also strengthened my resolve to pursue a career in internal medicine. I wanted to be prepared to provide anyone in need with the appropriate help, by utilizing the medical knowledge that I had gained.