Ifrah Naeem, MD

Resident Physician,
Internal Medicine Philadelphia, PA, USA

My Alma mater played a pivotal role in my professional as well as personal growth. I strongly believe that the foundation of character and knowledge laid during your medical school years is often decisive in the quality of care that you will provide in your oncoming years as physician. SMDC introduced me to excellent educators and mentors who believed in me and helped set that foundation with concrete! In hindsight, the career goals that a first-year-me set for herself were achieved due to the strong sense of faith and perseverance that, I truly believe, came from that foundation. I feel honored to be an alumnus of the institute that not only acknowledges the hard work of its students but also ensures instilling the confidence to achieve their dreams. While progressing through my Internal Medicine Residency training in the US, I feel a sense of gratitude accompanied by a hint of nostalgia towards SMDC, and a strong sense of belonging, as it continues to fuel my newfound aspirations and dreams.