Instructions for the candidates

1. Candidates must have high speed and stable internet connection preferably with UPS backup. Interviewer may use 4g/LTE services in case he/she has no Wi-Fi access.

2. Be connected to the internet for the assigned time slot.
3. Camera is mandatory. Without camera MMI will not start.
4. Candidates must have peaceful environment and no one should be around the candidate at the time of MMI.
5. If anyone else is found around the candidate, MMI of the candidate will not be considered valid and will stand cancelled.
6. Candidates are required to be online at least 15 minutes before the given timeslot.
7. Make sure your phone remains disengaged during the assigned time of MMI. Reject any incoming calls during the interview.


How MMI will be conducted

8. All candidates will undergo 6 interviews. A single interview will last 8-12 minutes. Total time to complete all 6 interviews will take 75 minutes. However candidates will be required to remain online for a period of 3 hours in order to ensure participation in all interviews.
9. The interview time will be communicated to candidates 48 hours before the scheduled date. In case a reschedule is required, candidate must let us know 24 hours before the interview time. Requests received at less than 24 hour notice will not be entertained. Contact Information in case of reschedule required:
Department of Student Affairs; (042) 36818604, 36852658, 36852609 (ext. 212, 213, 214)
10. Two minutes will be given for reading the scenario. After that, scenario will be deleted and 6 minutes will be provided to discuss the scenario.
11. After completion of all 6 interviews candidates MUST log onto their application portal and submit the signed declaration form to confirm their participation in all 6 interviews. You will need to download the form, hand sign it and after scanning upload it on the application portal. This is a mandatory requirement by PMC. Those failing to comply with this step will not be included in the Merit list.


You will also be provided with a feedback questionnaire via email. Kindly fill the questionnaire to help us improve the process.