Fee Refund Policy 

(PMC admission regulations 2021 Clause 9 (9) refers-:

If a student after having obtained admission seeks to either leave the program or seeks to transfer from the college, the college shall have the right to adjust the tuition fee already paid pro rata to the period spent by the student in the program along with a penalty not exceeding ten percent of the total annual fee in the event the student seeks to leave the program in the *middle of the academic year to transfer to another College.


In the light of the above clause of admission regulations of Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC), the College refund Policy shall be as follows.

  1. Before the commencement of classes – All College dues will be refunded except the admission fee.
  2. After the commencement of classes – All College Dues will be refunded after deduction of Admission fee along with the tuition fee for study period availed in terms of days/months. The study period shall be calculated on the basis of calendar days spent at the College.


Note: * Middle of the academic year shall be determined by observing 36 weeks of required academics/training in an academic year.